General masonry company

Located in Prigonrieux, Carraro Didier specializes in general masonry work.
We offer our services for small-scale masonry construction and renovation. We do everything we can to build breeze-block walls (garages, fences, etc.), foundations, screeds, terraces, walls...

Exterior fittings

Do you need masonry work to dress, protect and secure your garden?

We can take care of all your exterior masonry needs. We can build fences, garages, terraces, swimming pool surrounds (pool deck), paving and all other masonry work.

carraro didier_icone_construction

Construction & finishing

carraro didier_icone_terrasse

Terraces & paving

carraro didier_icone_piscine

Pool decks

carraro didier_icone_aménagement extérieur

Landscaping & fencing

Would you like to entrust us with a general masonry project?

If you have any questions or would like a quote.